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Play your favorite sport while making a difference in your community. Eureka Foundation uses sports to drive positive change in Rwamwanja Refugee settlement. Join us now and make an impact!

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Empowering Young Minds

We are a community based organization committed to unite the youths and children through sports; nurturing leaders with incorruptible character for today and tomorrow. Sport is our unifying factor used to bring together diverse youths and children with different backgrounds to promote physical fitness, wellness and social positive support amongst all to live responsible impacting their community. Eureka Foundation Academy gives mentorship through learning educational spaces to the refugee children and youths with the aim of developing them into a productive and empowered generation.

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Explore our Lead Projects

Our projects are designed to foster teamwork, leadership skills, and a sense of community among participants, while also addressing the social issues in our community.

Empowering Youth Through Football Training

This project acknowledges the significant impact that  football can have on the lives of young people. It offers a platform for fostering skill development, teamwork, and personal growth, with the ultimate goal of empowering youth to thrive in various aspects of their lives.

Building Sustainable Livelihoods

This project aims to empower refugees and address community challenges and showcasing their capabilities with cost-effective solutions. Collaboration with Refugee Innovation Center for resilience building and self-reliance through livelihood trainings in rabbit keeping


My time at Eureka Foundation Academy is priceless. I enjoy coaching the children in football trainings and seeing how passionate they quickly discover and learn new things is amazing. This experience at the academy is life changing for me and I'm humbled to be part of building the future and changing lives in the refugee settlement.

Osee Sudi

EFA Coach


Our Partnerships

Global Refugee Youth Network

Refugee Innovation Centre


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